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Copa isn\’t just a cleat. It\’s an agreement that every fleeting touch should leave a lasting impression. If you can\’t make your mark on a match, move along. But if you\’re ready to take your touch to a new dimension, keep reading. These soccer cleats seamlessly fuse a stretchy knit textile collar with a soft, ridged K-leather vamp. The result is secure lockdown, wraparound comfort and smooth-as-silk ball contact.

  • EFFORTLESS TOUCH Premium K-leather upper provides soft comfort and a silky touch; Finished with Fusionskin, an innovative leather treatment that allows for seamless construction and decreased water uptake; Integrated X-Ray vamp gives you greater control and reduced ball slippage
  • ADAPTIVE SUPPORT Structured knit textile collar for a comfortable, sock-like fit; Flexible mono-tongue construction adapts to your foot shape for secure lockdown
  • CUSHIONED TRACTION ON FIRM GROUND Tough Exoframe plate for supportive traction; TPU Soft Pod inlays provide targeted cushioning at the foot\’s key pressure points
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