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Keep all your gear together with the adidas™ Team Issue Small Duffel Bag, which features a freshPAK™ ventilated compartment that is great for keeping smelly items separated from the rest of your gear and water-resistant Hydroshield material technology. The large main compartment with an interior zippered pocket stores your essentials, and the dual-adjustable removable shoulder strap with a padded air mesh pad and soft tricot-wrapped haul handles offer comfortable carrying.

Features and Benefits

  • Made of acrylic, natural latex rubber, polyester, elastane and nylon to offer lasting use
  • Large main compartment features an interior zippered pocket for your essentials
  • Mesh drop pocket on the other side provides additional storage
  • Large, easy-access front pocket with a key fob is great for quickly stowing items
  • Dual-adjustable removable shoulder strap with a padded air mesh pad and soft tricot-wrapped haul handles help you carry your gear comfortably
  • Additional side haul handle allows for storage in a locker and quick access to your bag in an overhead compartment
  • Water-resistant Hydroshield material technology helps protect your gear from a wet field or gym floor
  • Blank space on the opposite side of the bag and the end caps for team branding
  • freshPAK™ ventilated compartment at 1 end cap is great for keeping smelly shoes and gear separated from the rest of your stuff
  • Screen-printed adidas™ brandmark and graphic for an athletic look
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